iHola! Soy Alice W. (Mi nick en todas partes.)
Me gusta el Anime, Yaoi, soy Gamer, me la paso fangirleando con los youtuber's, eh amo la música, leer y escribir.
Tambien editar y programar.
En fin sean bienvenidos a mi blog personal & disfruten si les gusta lo que reblogueo ;D

The truth is I’ve always loved you

Always, always, I kept loving you

To you I want to send these feelings

I whisper them to the blue sky

I’m so in love with you

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Oh shit

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Pikachu hot cakes! 

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 ♥ Shigino Pretty Kisumi ♥ 

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          that’s when you picked up that allmate’s body.
                    i thought it was my   c h a n c e .

Nine and Twelve.

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Please don’t tell him that I saw…


It really worked, I want to play volleyball with my former senior again.

//this was sent to my other blog but i was too nervous and since im almost shameless here i hope asker-anon will see it OTL


tsukishima: i bow for no one


tsukishima: i bow for no one

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